Over 200 community-minded volunteers assisted the Rodeo Committee with more than 200 local businesses, service clubs and organizations donating time, labor, or other resources. A complete list of this year’s Sponsors and Contributors is included in the Official Program Book for the Rodeo. We invite you to become involved in the fun and excitement that makes this rodeo happen. Sponsors and volunteers are always welcome.


Rodeo Committee Members

Front row, left to right: Larry Hartmann (Rodeo Chairman), Bertha Perez (Volunteer of the Year), Leona Harris (Administive Director), Ken Rammell, Patrick Medlock (Gabriel Foundation Chief Financial Officer), Carl Bennitt, Ron McPeak (Gabriel Foundation President), Pat Rosengren, Vince Perez.

Standing, left to right: Bob Dipre, Teresa Figueras, Tim Seal, Nancy Ruiz, Tina Hutton, Corinne Hartmann, Don Moss, Anna Lee Farber, Gary Dudley, Carol Hamilton, Bill Harris, Rosie Garcia, Sgt Abel Moreno, Aurora Morales, Terry Brenner, Krysti Dryer, Paul Spitzzeri, Dep Yvette Mattes, Dep Jeff Domingo, LT Carlos Parga, Jan Brumley

Not available for photo: Cynthia Bercian, Dean Bowen, Chris Brown, Ken Bryan, John Byers, Ken Calvo, Frank Contreras, Don Gray, Troy Helling, Jim Johnson, Doug Knudson, John Kramer, Marilynn Malcolm, Pat McIntosh, Kim Moore, Erik Moss, David “M” Perez, Kaity Rosengren, April Smethurst, Bert Spivey