A Guide to Industry Hills Rodeo Events 2011 Results

Bareback Riding

At last year’s 2010 Industry Hills Pro Rodeo, Morgan Heaton rode the Flying U Rodeo bronc Mohawk and was awarded a first place score of 75 points by the judges. He collected a total of $1,429 in prize money. Josi Young rode the bronc Bruce Almighty and placed a close 2nd with 74 points. He collected $1,083.

Forrie Smith rode Kattle Kate to a 3rd place finish with 73 points and George Gillespie (last year’s Industry Hill’s winner) placed 4th on Bay Lady. The bareback riding highpoint record at Industry Hills Rodeo is 91 points, set by Royce Ford in 2003.

Steer Wrestling

Jack Vanderlans won the steer wrestling event at Industry Hills last year with an excellent official time of 5.5 seconds. Jack won $1,570 in prize money. Skyler Strassman placed 2nd at Industry Hills with a close 5.8 seconds and won $1,299. Russ Weitl placed 3rd with 6.5 seconds. Blaine Jones placed 4th with 6.6 and Ethan Thouvenell placed 5th with 7 seconds. Ethan went on to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas where he finished the 2010 rodeo year in 9th place among all steer wrestler contestants. The fastest recorded time in Steer Wrestling at Industry Hills is 3.8 seconds, set by Cash Myers in 2006.

Saddle Bronc Riding

In 2010 at the Industry Hills Rodeo Cody Wright rode the bucking horse Hail Mary to a first place finish. Cody won at Industry in 2009 as well. This year the judges awarded him 84 points and he received $1,605 in prize money. Cody had a great 2010 season and went on to the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in December. He finished 1st overall. Cody also finished 1st at the NFR in 2008.

Roy Johnson finished 2nd on the bronc Sam’s Town with a score of 81 points. He took home $1,216 in prize money. Ad Bugenig finished in 3rd place with 80 points (Ad finished 3rd in 2009 as well). Nick Laduke placed 4th with 75 points.

Scott Johnston established the current Industry Hills Rodeo saddle bronc high point record in 1998 with a score of 88 points. He also earned the Industry Hills Rodeo All-Around Cowboy title that year.

Team Roping

At last year’s team roping at Industry Hills five teams finished within 1 second of each other. Jake Rodriguez and Rhett Kennedy won 1st place with a fast time of 5.3 seconds. They each took home $1,859 in prize money. Rhett was this year’s Industry Hills Rodeo All-Around Cowboy. Dick Hastings and Randy Harris placed 2nd with a time of 5.6 seconds. Blaine Linaweaver and Caleb Twisselman placed 3rd with 5.8 seconds. Caleb went on to the National Finals in December and finished 7th among all ‘heeler’ team ropers. Ed Necochea and Dennis Watkins placed 4th with 6.1 seconds and Travis Xavier and Mike Monighetti placed 5th with 6.2 seconds. In 2007 Jake Rodriguez and Gary Ford, finished their head and heel catches in a sizzling 5.0 seconds setting the fastest team roping time record at Industry Hills Rodeo.

Barrel Racing

Last year’s Barrel Racing at Industry Hills Rodeo was terrific. Ten contestants finished within a half second of each other. Linda Vick and her horse won 1st place with a time of 17.00 seconds. Linda won $1,659 in prize money. Ann Scott placed a very close 2nd with 17.01 seconds and won $1,422. Ann placed 3rd in 2009. Courtney Cline placed 3rd with 17.04 seconds. Christina Richman placed 4th with 17.13 seconds. Christina finished 6th in 2009. Danyelle Campbell placed 5th with 17.38 seconds and Lita Scott placed 6th with 17.38 seconds. In 2009 Erin Parsons established the fastest recorded time for the barrel course at Industry Hills Rodeo with a super time of 15.71 seconds.

Bull Riding

Last year at the Industry Hills Rodeo Lee Woolsey won the bull riding event, receiving score of 82 points from the judges. Lee took home $1,670 in Rodeo prize money. Johnny Allen placed 2nd with a very close 81 points, earning $1,265. Kenneth Restani placed 3rd with 75 points. In 1998 Judd Leffew established the Industry Hills Rodeo current high point bull ride with an outstanding 90 point score. Judd’s father Gary was inducted into the PRCA Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2002.

Tie-Down Roping

The Tie-Down competition was excellent last year at the Industry Hills Rodeo. Blake Hirdes placed 1st with an excellent time of 7.9 seconds. Blake took home $1,653 in prize money. Blake tied for 1st place at Industry in 2009 and was Industry Hill’s Rodeo All-Around Cowboy that year. John McGill placed 2nd in 2010 with 8.9 seconds, earning $1,368. Stan Branco placed 3rd with 9.0 seconds and took home $1,083.

Stran Smith set the Industry Hills Rodeo Tie-Down Roping record of 7.6 seconds in 2006, besting Joe Beaver’s long standing record of 8.7 seconds set here in 1997. Stran was the Tie-Down Roping Champion at the NFR in 2008.

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