Steer Wrestling

Steer wrestling is the quickest event in rodeo, averaging between 3 to 5 seconds. A great deal of concentration, timing and coordination is required between contestant (the “bulldogger”) horse. A second cowboy called a hazer keeps the steer from veering away from the steer wrestler. The steer is given a head start, and the cowboy must overtake the steer and position his horse for a transfer at about 30 miles per hour. The cowboy must get down on the running steer, grasp its horns, turn it, and after gaining leverage by lifting up on one horn and pushing down on the other, wrestle it to the ground. The steer is considered down only when lying flat on its side with its head and all four feet in the same direction before the time clock is officially stopped. With a steer weighing in at some 650 pounds, it’s the only event where a cowboy’s weight and size can make a difference.