Team Roping

The only pro rodeo event where two men compete at the same time, team roping truly requires teamwork – between both men (header and heeler) – and between each man and his horse. It begins with the header waiting behind a barrier until the steer has taken the proper head start. Then the header catches up to the steer and loops a rope around the animal’s horns and dallies (wraps) his ripe around the saddle horn. Immediately, the heeler ropes both hind feet, while the steer is still in an upright position, and dallies his rope as well. The cowboys must then turn their horses so they face one another before the clock is stopped. Although the event is timed, the judge must determine if the steer has been roped with a legal head catch and if the header dallied his rope and turned the steer before the heeler roped the hind legs. Penalties are assessed if the header breaks the barrier and if the heeler catches the steer by only one foot.