Tie Down Roping

A successful roper must be an experienced horseman and a fast sprinter as well as being quick and accurate with the lasso. Once the calf has been given a pre-designated head start, the roper gives chase on horseback. As the cowboy throws his loop, the horse comes to a stop. After the calf is roped, the cowboy dismounts and must throw the calf to the ground by hand (called “flanking”) and tie any three legs together using a “pegging string.” If the animal is down when a roper reaches it, the cowboy must allow the calf to stand and then flank it before making the tie. When completed, the roper throws his hands in the air as a signal to the timers. He then remounts his horse and rides toward the calf, making the rope slack. To record the official time, the calf must remain tied for six seconds after the roper remounts his horse and slackens his rope.