2017 Volunteer of the Year

Troy Heller VOY 2017

Troy Helling

Rodeo Committees selected by the Justin Boot Company are given the opportunity to present a special John Justin Standard of the West Award to a volunteer who has demonstrated outstanding performance, enthusiasm and support for the success of their rodeo.

Troy Helling is our 2017 winner of this prestigious award. He has been an active member of our Rodeo Committee since he started working with long time member and friend, Ken Bryan in 2003. Troy has a wonderful “Get it Done” attitude. Troy’s main duty is making sure the trash cans are placed properly and that they get changed when full. Troy’s motto is “If I can wear my rodeo t-shirt and shorts and do trash, I will be glad to keep on volunteering for the Rodeo.” Troy also is willing to help where ever he is needed. Troy’s hard work has been a tremendous help to our Committee and our Rodeo Steering Committee is happy to select him as this year’s “Volunteer of the Year.”