The Gabriel Foundation

Over 30 years ago, The Gabriel Foundation was formed when the needs of our families became acute. The City of Industry is well known internationally for its focus on business. Those businesses depend upon employees from the surrounding towns. So there is a feeling of responsibility to serve those families. It’s good business and it’s good citizenry. It became clear that a strategy should be in place to meet increasing needs of area youth. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to donate to The Foundation. Of course, the City of Industry has been a strong supporter for many years. However, the big public event is the Industry Hills Charity Pro Rodeo held every year in the fall. That’s where your opportunity comes in. As a business sponsor of the rodeo, you’ll have visibility to the entire region where your generosity will be highlighted. The Foundation channels rodeo proceeds to a number of worth service organizations with the primary ones being the Delhaven Community Center, the Youth Activities League, and the YMCA Summer Swim Program.

Delhaven is a learning and recreational facility for the handicapped and challenged. They also provide an opportunity for children ages 5 to 14 to go to summer camp. These kids would never have that experience without Delhaven’s program. The Youth Activities League has been operating since 1991 and is run by volunteers from the ranks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The goal is to deter young people from being lured into gangs by forging healthy relationships with adults during activities and trips. Baseball, basketball, flag football, tennis classes, cheerleading programs, and camping trips keep the kids busy.

The Gabriel Foundation supports kids and teens who want to learn how to be water safe and become good swimmers through sponsoring our area YMCA Summer Swim Program. Being active, building confidence and developing healthy relationships is key to encouraging a young adult to go on to college and be a productive member of our community.

The Gabriel Foundation is pleased to report that well over $2 million has been given to organizations over our years. It is hoped that that kind of generosity is matched by others in our community who understand the needs of our young people and have the compassion to help.